sadfdsfsadfHypnobirthing in West London

Hi, I'm Sarah, and I teach Hypnobirthing so London mums can have better births.

This page is where your personal journey to a calm, confident birth experience starts.

Because I believe that EVERY pregnant woman should be empowered to approach childbirth feeling informed and confident, and not confused and fearful.

So let's begin building your confidence right now - click on the orange button below, read about my services and book a Hypnobirthing course with me today. I strongly recommend The Wise Hippo course, but if you can't manage this ten-hour programme, I can work with you on your own over the course of a few hours to plan your practice and preparation for birth.

Using the amazing techniques of birth hypnosis to achieve a fulfilling birth helps you start a beautiful new relationship with your baby in the right way. You'll likely need less pain relief in labour, have a calmer baby & find breastfeeding easier. I also offer BabyCalm sessions and I teach NCT antenatal classes. I blog a bit, too, mostly about baby-related topics.

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